About – Yusef Muhammad

As CEO of American Business TV, President of SCORE in Houston, Interise Streetwise ‘MBA’™ Instructor, an expert in business development and teaching “How To Make Your Business Bankable.” Mr. Muhammad’s work with entrepreneurs, multinational corporations and government agencies has earned him the U.S. SBA Minority Small Business Champion of the Year, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, and SCORE 10 Years of Service Award. Mr. Muhammad has transformed organizational cultures, driven growth, built capacities and created jobs.


Business Analysis

Feasibility Study, Business & Financial Analysis, Search & Screening, Acquisitions, Investment Structures, Business Management, Marketing & PR Management, Contract Administration, Structuring & Monitoring of Entities, Licensing & Corporate Contract Negotiations.


Business Development
Executive Training, Certification Training for Corporate and Government Contracts, Corporate Structures, Financial Modeling, Budgeting, Project Marketing, Expansion Planning, Strategic Planning, Pitching and Sales.


International Trade
Operational issues related to exports such as product classification, Logistics, Shipping, Terms of Delivery, Terms of Payments, Letters of credit, Export controls, licensing requirements, export declarations, PGAs, etc.

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